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Mar 25, 2010 at 12:00 AM

Balance Brain Chemistry, Get Back Your Life

By Thad Jacobs, ND, LAc

Re-Establish Brain Balance Naturally

At our clinics, Dr. Jacobs and Dr. Cates help people suffering from the many possible mental and physical health challenges caused by neurotransmitter deficiency and imbalance, re-gain and achieve mental and physical vitality.  We accomplish this faster, cheaper and with fewer side effects compared to what is commonly recommended for treating anxiety, depression and other mental disorders; even if you have tried numerous pharmaceutical -or even natural- approaches or have exhausted what conventional medicine has to offer.


Our overall health is greatly influenced by neurotransmitter balance.  Neurotransmitters are chemicals that regulate brain, muscle, nerve and organ function.  They communicate signals between the between the approximately 100 billion complexly interconnected neurons that make up the brain.  Our sense of well-being, pain perception, inflammation regulation, immune system function, and our ability to think clearly and maintain healthy attitude and behaviors are all dependent upon healthy neurotransmitter balance.  Neurotransmitter deficiency is extremely common, and is a caused by trauma (emotional or physical) and stressful lifestyle and environmental factors. 

Some common problems that may result from neurotransmitter deficiency and imbalance include:



Panic Attacks




Menopause Symptoms



Chronic Fatigue      

Migraines / Headaches

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Attention Deficit

Learning Disorders      

Burn-Out / Exhaustion

Conventionally used medications used for depression and other mental disorders are primarily aimed at normalizing chemical balance within the brain; however, improvement is temporary with this approach and prolonged use will very often deplete essential neurotransmitters.  Over time, the patients condition remains unresolved and often worsens  to the need for higher dosages or switching to other, more potent -and potentially more hazzardous- drugs.

Amino Acid Therapy

Neurotransmitter are primarily manufactured in the body from specific amino acids.  We get amino acids in our diet by eating protein-rich foods.  Using specific amino acid supplements is a natural way to help optimize neurotransmitter balance.  Supplementation may also complement or eliminate the need for anti-depressants and other psychiatric medications, and can help restore positive outlook and overall function.  Amino acid therapy taken with supportive nutrients can take effect immediately and bring about permanent change.  Patients with a history of either severe psychological trauma, brain injuries or drug abuse may experience more gradual changes over time as the nervous system literally heals from trauma and/or drug toxicity. 

Getting Back in Balance

Due to the complexity of the nervous system, many factors must be considered when prescribing neurotransmitter precursors and supportive nutrients.  Because there are many overlapping symptoms among different neurotransmitter deficiency states, it can be difficult for a novice to correctly determine which neurotransmitters to address.  It is therefore recommended that you work closely with either Dr. Jacobs or Dr. Cates so that you do not worsen existing neurotransmitter abnormalities -or create new ones!  The doctors will guide you through a program that normalizes neurotransmitter levels in the correct order of relevance and importance so that you can safely benefit from this life-changing therapy that can, literally, help you get your life back.



You may be a candidate for neurotransmitter balancing if the following applies to you:


Neurotransmitter Deficiency Symptoms and Signs   

afternoon and/or evening cravings for specific foods or substances; negativity, depression; worry, anxiety; low self-esteem; obsessive thoughts or behaviors; controlling behaviors; perfectionism; winter blues; irritability, rage; PMS; dislike hot weather; panic attacks or phobias; fibromyalgia; TMJ/jaw pain; other chronic pain; suicidal thoughts; night-owl, hard to get to sleep; insomnia, disturbed sleep; cravings for stimulation from sugar, chocolate, caffeine, cocaine, methamphetamines; depression, apathy; lack of energy; lack of drive; lack of focus, concentration; ADHD, hyperactivity; crave carbs, alcohol or drugs for relaxation; stressed and burned out; unable to relax/ loosen up; stiff or tense muscles; feel easily overwhelmed; crave comfort, reward, or numbing treats; “love” certain foods, behaviors, drugs, or alcohol; sensitive to emotional or physical pain; and cries or “tears up” easily.

Substances You Use or Have Used

sugar; sweets; chocolate; caffeine; sodas; juices; starch; aspartame; alcohol; tobacco; marijuana; ecstasy/MDMA; cocaine; amphetamines; diet pills; Prozac; Zoloft; Paxil; Effexor; Celexa; Wellbutrin; Ritalin; Adderall; Valium; Ativan; Neurontin; Klonopin; Vicodin; heroin; and/or other opiate drugs.


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Dec 21, 2012 Arrow1 Down Reply
George Gordon

What should I do? I have ADHA and no insurance. What can I do to get my brain in balance Naturally?

Jan 08, 2013 Arrow1 Down Reply
Marlene Dugger

I wish I had read this months ago. I believe 80% of what ails me is based on my lack of ability to concentrate and focus! This adds stress in my personal and work life. I have also noticed a more negative attitude and basically "Grouchy" demeanor over the past 12 months. My basic outlook has become "gloom and doom". This is not my typical approach.

Last year I accompolished phenomial results at work and received a top award. This year I have quickly fallen into a devil may care attitude and I hate it. I usually am a leader and role model for my peers. this year i could only direct them and say "do as I say not as I do"

If I could get this part of my health back on track.....the rest would follow I know it! I am excited about the possibility!

Do you think I am a candidate? When can we start? How often would I need to get to the office?
Marlene Dugger

Mar 03, 2013 Arrow1 Down Reply

@George Gordon: It might be helpful to read the book The Mood Cure by Julia Ross. Another site to check out is Like it says in the article, it can be hard to find what works on your own but these may help.

Apr 05, 2013 Arrow1 Down Reply
Russell Mosher

Hello Drs. Jacobs and Cates: I am hoping to hear your medical experience to restore normal brain chemistry. My wife Patricia developed a problem with plueral effusion. Her kidney function was considered the cause of this.. At the present time her Bun is 37mg the Cr is 1.1 and the GFR is 48.. I did medical lab work all my work life. During her hospital confinement she had a thoracetsis done 2 times and the Dr. elected to do a plueradesis to hopfully obliterate the pathway for the plueral fluid to enter the chest cavity. I am not sure what the powder composition was that was istilled ito her chest cavity for the plueradesis procedure... I think it may have been Magnesium sulfate but not sure. I know it was quite painful for her and she received Ativan and Morphine and Xanex and Compazine for nausea from the CKD. We were referred to a Neurologist for her depression and she put her on Effexor 75mg and Ambien 20mg for sleep. But now she is taking Tranzadone 50 mg for sleep. Her personlity is totally unlike she used to be.. Has no interest in anything wants to sleep a lot and appetite is not good.. She is on medications for hypertension and Lasix 40mg for kidney function Klorcon for K+ supplementation. (10 meq) The Dr had put her on Xenazine 12.5mg (Tetrabenazine) for the Tardive Dyskensia she has now..Dr. said this can be th result of certain types of medications. This drug is used for Huntington Chorea she said but may help Patricia. She is not taking this medication now as it caused more muscle spasams. I can send her medication profile to you if you would like that information.. I would be very interested to know what you think about this and what ever would help her I would be most grateful. Please let me know what you would advise me. Thank you so much , Russell Mosher 1-815-633-5844 email [email protected]

Apr 11, 2013 Arrow1 Down Reply

Hi Dr. Jacobs and Dr. Cates,

Do you work with kids with autism? My son is very high-functioning, but his anxiety and OCD perseverations have gotten worse. He also has leaky gut, and the food intolerances and IGG levels have increased. Wish other family members would restrict food, too. Could give you more info.

Thank you for any help/advice,
Marisha H.

Nov 06, 2013 Arrow1 Down Reply

i feel i have affected nerotransmitter problems due to masturbation.
Pls tell effective home remeady.

Jan 14, 2014 Arrow1 Down Reply

Hello Doctor, I am 36 yrs old, I have epilspsy and recently starting having anxiety/panic attacks. Would incorporating more amino acids in my diet affect my epilepsy? i have not have a seizure in over 2 years and i would like to extend this streak.

Thank you!

Mar 13, 2014 Arrow1 Down Reply

my problem has become deteriorated,am having a serious mental problem that affects my lifesytle and makes me is has a phobia related.i can't be in a place where group or influx of people are,less concentration,feeling amorous,i can't stay or live without masturbating atleast 3 times a week,i always think of having sex partner to ease me when i am thinking of having sex,it is so pensive-i prognosticate,if i continue with this it will not give me a better's affect my studies,i can't understand or remember what i read.i am secondary leaver,am intending to study in university.i finished my secondary education 2009 till now,i can't pass into university due to the so restive and listless due to the condition.please Dr. What can i do, i am 22yrs.thank you.

Mar 14, 2014 Arrow1 Down Reply

Dear Dr.Thad Jacob, my name is Alfred, I'm 35 years old man, im facing some problem with my health which i know with your help and advice i can be in order again, The problem is this, i started masturbating since last 15 years, because i leave in different country why my wife leave in different country as well we are away from each other due to our work program, i dint like to involve with other woman due to this i engage in this act for the past years, so right now i understand that im not healthy the was i was before, i feel so tired and weak, even sight is becoming little weak, sometimes i feel very hot in head, according to my readings i head that i can control it and regain my brain balance again, i will like you to advice me on what food i should eat to gain back my lost spam and gain my self back again, presently im writing from India.

Mar 30, 2014 Arrow1 Down Reply
Amy Murillo

The whole section where you described the neurotransmitter issues describe me to a T. I have done all of these and have been suffering from each of those symptoms. I really want to be balanced out for my kids and my family. Im tired of being this way. Im addicted to Buenos and bi-polar drugs. I've been on most if not all of those drugs and sugars you have listed. I really need help and want to be balanced out. What can I do? Please help me.

Jun 30, 2014 Arrow1 Down Reply

I've been in a living hell since I tried drugs last year. I only did them once as I was curious. It's not something I have done before or since. But since then I collapsed at work and went to hospital 3 times. I've seen a doctor for multiple blood tests, I even had a collanoscopy done because of IBS related symptoms. I went through a three month stage of not having enough energy to get off the couch. When I finally forced myself out of bed for uni this semester I started feeling better but I still have this massive block in my head. It's like something is physically sitting inside the front of my brain. There are a lot of contributing factors such as over exercise and lack of sleep but I really think it was the drugs that tipped me into this state I am in. Depression, anxiety, IBS, out of body feelings etc are all part of my symptoms. I try to keep a positive outlook everyday and exercise and eat healthily everyday. But it's been nearly a year and I'm not getting better. Recently even suicidal thoughts. The amount of emotional support I receive is endless but even so I'm at my wits end. I'm only 21 I can't live the rest of my life like this. I had none of these problems before. Please help?

Aug 14, 2014 Arrow1 Down Reply
linda naidoo

Hi plz hepl with 14 year old daughter wid tourettes syndrome very suicidal and ocd also severely depressed swears and crys all day can't handle need help asap plz tnx

Aug 14, 2014 Arrow1 Down Reply
linda naidoo

Hi plz hepl with 14 year old daughter wid tourettes syndrome very suicidal and ocd also severely depressed swears and crys all day can't handle need help asap plz tnx

Aug 21, 2014 Arrow1 Down Reply

Hi Docter's

Lost a loved one,battling severe depression with insomnia,restless leg syndrome and bruxism.Taking oxpola for the restless legs and azor for the insomnia,what to stop this stuff and get my brain balanced naturally,I drink 6 beer's a night,take nothing for the depression.The depression I think is causing all these symptoms.Want to be healthy and normal again.Thanks.

Sep 01, 2014 Arrow1 Down Reply

I'm 49yrs old never done any Recreational drugs and no Alcohol until I turned 40 and tried some,but still don't drink on a regular basis wine every now and then,I take Multivitamins and Ascorbic acid sometimes, my diet is Relatively healthy I use to Exercise every other day up until I was around 43 then I became way less active as my husband became ill,but my point in posting this is I started having Horrible an severe panic attacks out of Nowhere in the most Healthiest time of my life I've had them on an off for about 15yrs I have been evaluated by a psychiatrist Who could not identify anything Pertaining to mental illness,have been Shown breathing techniques and positive thinking techniques all of which are fine but don't really stop those Attacks from coming out of nowhere,I was Prescribed Xanax which works wonders for my sudden onset Attacks,I've also taken Paxil which helped some at first but started to make me feel Depressed something I had never experienced before taking that particular drug, This is a situation that has been on and off as far as the attacks and taking the medication,the attacks have Recently started again and they seem to happen when I'm at my Happiest times in life,I was wondering if there is anything Natural that can help my Particular situation.

Sep 19, 2014 Arrow1 Down Reply

I was wondering how I would be able to get some help getting my life back I have tried all the anti deppression pills that never worked. I have a lot of the symptoms in your list. I don't have any insurance please can you help me

Oct 14, 2014 Arrow1 Down Reply

Hello dr my name is Adam I am 20 years of age & need your help!
They're I's this very heavy feeling inside my face.
It varies from being very heavy though. I must know how
To set this free cause it wants out already, cause its being
Very heavy. At times it can shift positions in the right eye left eye
Etc. & it's really weird... I can't wait till this is back to normal
It's constricting its aggravating its all these things and more
Is it me? Creating this?
I remember one night I was very relaxed and all of a sudden i just let go
& presto the left side of my brain felt very good very relaxed but the other tried to but just couldn't anyway anything would help please thank you.

Dec 11, 2014 Arrow1 Down Reply
dawa norbu sherpa

hello doctor its me dawa I m suffering from depression and panic attacks. sir I took zapiz.25 for six Im taking sertima 25mg and increased to 50mg but 50mg is more fore if I took 50mg in the morning than my face swell and become heavy....sir any solution

Dec 29, 2014 Arrow1 Down Reply
Robin Kent

Hello, Do you think I am a candidate? I'm 53 and am having thyroid problems, I do take meds for them. I have suffered with ADD for most of my life and have issues with losing weight and craving sweets, chocolate ect. I do exercise riding my bicycle for over an hour and a half about 5 days a week, and although I love riding the bike in the park, and sweat a lot, I'm not losing any weight and I just get frustrated even more! I'm 5'7" and weigh over 170. Have problems staying asleep even though I take melatonin and Tryptofan. I don't want to take any meds for the ADD and I would prefer to stay away from medication as much as possible. So if anything can be done, I would be happy to find out! Thank you!

Jan 16, 2015 Arrow1 Down Reply
Mary J Rogers

I had an anxiety disorder for years irrational thoughts as a big problem with worry etc...I would like some information about the amino acid therapy

Feb 13, 2015 Arrow1 Down Reply

Hey im been sick for 5 months not being able to sleep during the day and when i go to sleep at night i wake up in and out of my sleep ive been having alot of difficulties trying to cope with life with no sleep ive been on all types of meds thats just not working what should i do can u help with these symptoms email@ [email protected]

Mar 23, 2015 Arrow1 Down Reply

Hi i have been severly sick from past 1 week i have been feeling soo uncomfortable and down the first time i went to ER was a panic attack felt like i am having heart attack i dont even thibk of that time any nore but still i dont feel comfortable at all. The doctor prescribed me with xanax .5 mg but it did not helped me at all instead i was not able to think at all nausea and dizziness. It also started to give me a bad headache. I would really approciate if you could help me with it

Mar 24, 2015 Arrow1 Down Reply

I am a 28 year old women suffering from anxiety and depression.i want to receive help I just and a newborn when back to work and had a terrible one at work nothing like this ever happen to me before my life got turn upside down in just one day.I will love to be a candiate I have four littles I have to look after and I want my life back.Hope and pray you respond back! God Bless

May 15, 2015 Arrow1 Down Reply
James Mario Wilson




May 25, 2015 Arrow1 Down Reply
rithi agarwal

Hiiii i am rithik agarwal from india studying in class 10.Before telling my problem it might sound egoistic and stupid but i am a very intelligent boy and highly interllectual.I used to always come first in my class and my parents and sisters are a lot a lot from me weather its a big university or college.But the last year and the half has not gone according to my expectations and i let my parents down in many ways.It all started in november 2013 that i first inherit the habit of masturbating which i probably got from my father.I used to watch a lot a lot of sex videos and masturbate on seeing them.It was at that time a very good experience and my stress about sexual partner decreased.Then my performances in class started to toil down continously and at the annual examinations i got my worst marks in my schooling career.But at that i was not knowing the ill effects of masturbartion at that time.Then also i watched sex videos for 2-3 hours daily and masturbate then slowly and slowly and slowly my time for watching sex reduced and it was reduced to probably 5-10 minutes daily probably after 1 year from time i started to watch sex videos.Then it is reduced to 2-3 minutes in 3 days and slowly again it reduced to 2-3 minutes in 7 days.On december 2014 i started to feel the ill effects of masturbation and i got into depression and generalised anxiety disorder commonly known as gad.It was a very painful experience as i was always sad and crying and i can't ill afford to concentrate on my studies during my examination.Then i shared my problem with my family and they agreed with my decision to go to phychatrist.I went to my phychatrist one day before my maths examination and i told him my experience but i didn't tell him about masturbation and watching sex videos as i was too embrassed to share with him.He prescribed me a medicine which my mother strictly refuses to take as she fears taking medicine will only make me addicted to medicine whole life.Then i performed poorly in my exams anf the boy who came first in examinations suddenly come in 13-14th position.My teacher were worried about my performances but i can't tell them the truth.Then i did more and more research on adverse effects of masturbation and i got my reason for performing so poorly in my examination.The reason is the neurotransmitter that released in brain during masturbation and one thing i also forget to say to you is that i also ejacuted during masturbation which releases dopamine and seretonin in brain that directly affects my decision making,goal directed behaviour,emotions and etc etc.Despite having this much knowledge about the topic i can't control my addiction of masturbating and after masturbating i always got sucidal thoughts and about my family and sisters.I really don't know what to do should i go phychatrist again to get medication to balance my hormones.Please help me help me help me it is really affecting my daily life,social life,decision making and goal directed bahaviour please help me help and sorry my age is 16

Jun 03, 2015 Arrow1 Down Reply

@Alethia: plz mail me at [email protected]

Jun 03, 2015 Arrow1 Down Reply

@linda naidoo: plz mail me at [email protected]

Jul 19, 2015 Arrow1 Down Reply
Rachel C Rominger

Thankyou for your article..I have been diagnosed w neuropothy all over even face..I have also been diagnosed w endometriosis about 3 yrs neurologist recently found out by me doing an eeg home study that the neuropothy can be caused by a chemical imbalance and that I have small seizures.He has prescribed vimpat to see if that helps but I haven't seen any improvement from it..Am I a good candidate for the folic acid suppliments? I have had an emotional trauma over 10 years ago and have had trouble dealing w it

Jul 30, 2015 Arrow1 Down Reply

Most of the time I'm pretty good but I've noticed periods where my brain just gets stuck in bad places - For the most part I can counter it but there was one really bad episode where I was going back and forth between anxiety and depression, which simply seemed to fade over time.

I've been having a much more tolerable version of the same thing, it seems - Really mild but still a horrible bother and I figure it's just my chemicals doing weird stuff.

What would you reccomend for someone who has bouts of this but is relatively happy most of the time? Is it attributed to sudden changes in diet, are there certain ways to target it when it becomes an issue? Usually I'm getting regular exercise and eating pretty decently.

Aug 13, 2015 Arrow1 Down Reply
Mikaa Valdez

Please help - took an antibiotic that blocked my brain - anxiety - fear - cant function -

Sep 08, 2015 Arrow1 Down Reply

@George Gordon: HELP
I just do not know what to do anymore...tired of meds...tired of feeling like this...just so tired of it all and do not know where to look anymore. Everything just feels hopeless. I have my times when I feel OK, but then the rest is just such an overwhelming feeling that just consumes me. Even reaching out in this message feels hopeless and yet I guess I am still trying to find a solution... a natural solution just to get threw life and enjoy.

Sep 12, 2015 Arrow1 Down Reply
Talal Ali

I had my first drink at age 24. Every time I drink (even if it is just one drink in 30 days), I have the disturbing mental imbalance. It lasts for weeks or months (sometimes disappears in days). Symptoms include lack of concentration, lack of social desire and difficulty in skills like sports or driving. I feel like it is a brain chemistry problem and the time it take to get back to normal is just metabolism.

Oct 07, 2015 Arrow1 Down Reply

Hello Sir

I hospitalized for 18 days and I used 3 pieces of abilify in the morning.Right now I faced with some of side-effect of this pills . Is it possible I change it as soon as possible with your pills .
Before I used 1 piece of it and my doctor decrease it to half of it and the duration was 2 years .
I stopped it for 6 mounth and I start it again in hospital , can you give me a special advice ?


Nov 17, 2015 Arrow1 Down Reply

I have adhd, im a night owl, I took adderall because of the adhd. Everything now is not as good as it used to be...It feels like my brain is clogged or something, it's very hard to become happy and when I do become happy, it's not for long, it's hard to smell things now too. It seems like i'm too laid back now as well, like I don't care about anything anymore and I never feel much emotion, only anger, sadness and a lot of stress. Im overwhelmed by small things like brushing my teeth. Please help, what medication do I need to fix every single thing I named above. I can't stand this, this darn chemical imbalance, my adderall must've done this to me, before I started taking adderall, I could smell, I was happy, never stressed, it was perfect. PLEASE HELP.

Apr 12, 2016 Arrow1 Down Reply

i sufered with lot of headache while iam reading and my concentration is going divert whenever i show interest in any work, i get negative thoughts also can you explain how to rid of these all problems to get quickly heal as soon aas possible

Apr 20, 2016 Arrow1 Down Reply

Hello my name is aston. I have battling post partum depression and anxiety for 2 years now. I have insomnia, innapropriate sinus tachycardia due to an imbalance that I never had. That started immediately after i had my 22 month old. Also been experiencing anxiety attacks a lot and depression. Please help me.

May 10, 2016 Arrow1 Down Reply
mojidul hoq

actually i was not a saciatric patient but i have to be eaten the saciatric madicines.For this i lost my natural brain. Now i want to regain my natural brain to study like before. I am a Bangladeshi. What can i do now.Please help me immediately.

May 10, 2016 Arrow1 Down Reply
mojidul hoq

actually i was not a saciatric patient but i have to be eaten the saciatric madicines.For this i lost my natural brain. Now i want to regain my natural brain to study like before. I am a Bangladeshi. What can i do now.Please help me immediately.cell-01680912424

May 15, 2016 Arrow1 Down Reply

@linda naidoo: did you find a solution ? Sounds like me, looking for help if you got some thanx

May 16, 2016 Arrow1 Down Reply
Stephanie Macket

Hi Doctors, i have had depression for the last 11 years and have been taking Effecor & respidal for it. I was considering taking medical marijuana instead of the pills to see if that would help me recover, so i was researching medical marijuana & depression then i stumbled across your site. I hope to someday be able to come off these medication and get back to a normal life. Please, how can you help me regain my life back, and are located in Florida so that i could attend your clinic? #desperate.

May 29, 2016 Arrow1 Down Reply
sapna gupta

Hello dr. I m 20 yr old.. i observed that i hv anxiety problem and... now a days thoughts are come in my mind so heavily.. i am unable to tolerate the pain of my mind... its like a pressure in my brains left and right side and at centre.. m unable to do any work.. and sleep. This problem is started from e month before.. i read your article and I'm so happy to read this.. it is a hope for live my life again like previous time.. please please help me to chemically balance my mind naturally pleae sir please help me. I need ur help so much... i hv a many years of life ahead.. i want to study i want to support my family.. please please help me sir please sir

Jun 26, 2016 Arrow1 Down Reply

I been suffering from depersonalization disorder for 6 years since I was in high school I went to therapy and it help me with it but recently I had a bad panic attack and since than I been feeling a lil depessed and anxious, not getting the sleep I use to get please help me I would appreciate it.

Jul 04, 2016 Arrow1 Down Reply
Conor Swann Gut health

@Nathan: hi Nathan, you seem to have Derealisation/Depersonalisation. The drugs have possibly effected your serotonin and GABA levels in your brain. I would recommend spot meditation. You could possibly have a down regulated Gastriointestnial Tract. (Your gut) you could possibly benefit from eatting good foods and timing your carb intake carfuly

Jul 18, 2016 Arrow1 Down Reply
Linda Schoenherr

Hello Dr. Jacobs,

First thank you so much for the work and help that you do. I'm basically a healthy 68 year old woman that has an overactive mind, example, singing the same song in my mind 24/7. Something is out of whack and has kept me from healthy sleep for 15 years. Its very difficult for me without sleep. I am emotionally healthy and happy but my system is oveactive and supplements seem to have turned on me. Right now I am getting a little relief from Trypophan but still I am way too sensitive to too many items. I don't do caffeine, cannot even do decaf tea. Please help. I need to sleep and balance these branin chemicals.

Thank you so much.

Aug 03, 2016 Arrow1 Down Reply

I have a 34 yr. old daughter who has a history of drug abuse meth ,cocaine ,Xanax, weed she has been clean since February 2016. The past few months she has been having auditory hallucinations , migraines, insomnia but the last few weeks it has been a daily thing been trying to get her in with a phychologist and a neurologist to find out what's going on but unable to get appointment for a few months, she doesn't sleep much cause of the voices she's hearing all the time she cries for days . The voices she hears are cops 2 male and a female she talks back to them she can't focus cause it's constant I'm not sure if it's from the past drug abuse or something else but can't get any answers is there anything you can suggest to help her ?
I don't know what to do but I am very worried

Aug 10, 2016 Arrow1 Down Reply
greg lekkas

hello, i 100% know that i have neurotransmisterrer deficiency from smoking weed and taking MDMA, my brain hasn't been able to stop thinking since and i havnt been able to think clearly or socialise as my normal self. Please can you help me I'm in desperate need of assistance

Aug 19, 2016 Arrow1 Down Reply

Hello doctor.... Im at a point in my life I just don't know what to do anymore I'm 27 female I have had insomnia on and of since 18 but has got so bad in the last year I use to be able to cope well it wasn't to servere but it's worsened to the point it's taken away my career and makes me not even want to start a family anymore with my partner because I wouldn't be able to cope. I currently take 5htp but I feel im not even sure if it's right for me I feel like my brain is just not balanced at all ... Any advice or reply would be greatly appreciated.

Sep 07, 2016 Arrow1 Down Reply
sanit paul

sir for last 5months i have visited many psychiatrists for insomnia for not having deep sleep i have taken clonazepum anti depressants now olanzapine but still i cant sleep which i used to do 6/7 months ago my cns is so activated i dont feel drowsy after taking alcohol cannabis and with sleeping pills also i slep 3/4hours why is this happening or my brain is imbalanced please help me with your advice

Sep 07, 2016 Arrow1 Down Reply
sanit paul

sir for last 5months i have visited many psychiatrists for insomnia for not having deep sleep i have taken clonazepum anti depressants now olanzapine but still i cant sleep which i used to do 6/7 months ago my cns is so activated i dont feel drowsy after taking alcohol cannabis and with sleeping pills also i slept 3/4hours why is this happening or my brain is imbalanced please help me with your advice

Sep 11, 2016 Arrow1 Down Reply
sanit paul

please help me sir how can i be back normal like before

Nov 10, 2016 Arrow1 Down Reply

Hi I just wanted to some tips on how to get things back in balance I suffer from anxiety insomnia and depresstion.

Jan 22, 2017 Arrow1 Down Reply
Jessica McPherson

I'm in dire need of help and have been searching for change with many drs and prescribed meds that end up not helping and adding to my problem I'd I'm in Buffalo NY and haven't found drs that are on the same page as you are. What can I do? Can you help me from afar?

Feb 21, 2017 Arrow1 Down Reply
richard ortega


Mar 17, 2017 Arrow1 Down Reply

@Jessica McPherson:

Apr 30, 2017 Arrow1 Down Reply
Ayush srivastava

Suffering from chemical imblnace from last two monthss

May 04, 2017 Arrow1 Down Reply

Anxiety, out of control stress to nose bleeds and stomach sickness. Mental frames completely different. I went vegan and messed my chemical balance off. Very hard past couple weeks. Very not normal inside.

Jun 17, 2017 Arrow1 Down Reply
Beti Bergman

Hello, My 12-year old son seems to have some sort of chemical imbalance in the daytime. I was thinking maybe he is bipolar, but not sure if he fits quite into those symptoms. He is extremely defiant and will die on whatever hill he chooses. He hardly gets along with anyone at school. He won't participate in any sports or activities except he is still in Boy Scouts. There is no way of reasoning with him. He cries and throws tantrums a lot. He has threatened to hurt himself and has on more than one occasion claims that I want to kill him. He refuses to eat a lot of times and will not go see a therapist. He, however, is rational, friendly and loving very late at night. My husband thinks he has anxiety and depression. My son has been like this pretty much since he was a toddler though it may be getting worse now that he is older because his viciousness is much more calculating. Can you suggest anything?

Jun 28, 2017 Arrow1 Down Reply
jason wurtz

Question: I was using a supposed all natural supplement for erections and it worked good, but it gave me a very bad headache and I noticed that I started feeling depressed,panicky, and anxiety. I tried changing my diet and it helped some, but I cannot fully recover. I have feelings of being disconnected, fear, tired, and lack of motivation. What can I do to fix this? I believe I caused an imbalance of brain chemicals because of what was in the pills.

Jun 28, 2017 Arrow1 Down Reply
jason wurtz

Question: I was using a supposed all natural supplement for erections and it worked good, but it gave me a very bad headache and I noticed that I started feeling depressed,panicky, and anxiety. I tried changing my diet and it helped some, but I cannot fully recover. I have feelings of being disconnected, fear, tired, and lack of motivation. What can I do to fix this? I believe I caused an imbalance of brain chemicals because of what was in the pills.

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@linda naidoo: What drugs did you take that one time that left you in this condition? It sounds like you picked up an infection so I'm wondering if it was either mushroom or something that's injected and therefore can be quite contaminated.

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Michael Dronet name is Mike,i read your symptoms chart,and I have I lot of them.i need an appointment as soon as possible ,Iv studied alot on hormones and the brain ,and I beleave you can help me,if you would,i am very fed up with life,pleas contact me ,you may be my last try for help thank you,410 439 4000. 410 766 8718 Michael Dronet jr

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Malique howery

i did acid now i have hppd what supplements should i take to get back to my original state im staying away from all drugs from now on besides prescription

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domperidone side effects dizziness - domperidone buy new zealand

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Brian Lembcke

I have terrible anxiety, OCD, bipolar depression, Suicidal Tendencies

Jan 08, 2018 Arrow1 Down Reply

Anxity depression and ocd

May 30, 2018 Arrow1 Down Reply

I am having sleeping problems anxiety anxious I'm sleeping medication my doctor said chemical imbalance I am writing to you to see what I can do to get rid of all the kids in the brain.

Jun 26, 2018 Arrow1 Down Reply

Severe lack of focus and concentration. Anxiety and mild depression. I'm thinking perhaps due to the ativan I was prescribed. Would really appreciate some help with this.

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Janie Ayala

I am 61 yrs old and I suffer from ptsd and depression I am anti social and experience lots of pain throughout my body I have poor circulation and have no energy..

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Tina Woldberg

I always feel depressed and in a low mood. I feel unhappy all the time and I do not wake up feeling refreshed when I sleep. I feel unmovtivated and wants to feel normal again with a sense of well being. Please help me!

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David Nash

Please help I have a majority of the symptoms mentiones Im loosing It bad I have bad anxiety I get frustrated I crave alot of fast food I get bad stomach pain when I bust a nut && I feel really nervoud I get startled easily I dont know what to do anymore

Mar 02, 2020 Arrow1 Down Reply

@Nathan: what kind of drugs?

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Christopher Shimkaveg

I suffer from chronic pain in my body. This happened after a series of panic attacks and anxiety. Although I haven’t had a panic attack in about a month, I have fibromyalgia-type symptoms everyday.

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Richard Kiyingi

Am from Uganda but I experience depression problems.I don't t how to solve them being a very poor man

Mar 30, 2021 Arrow1 Down Reply

I am suffering from depression and anxiety,lack of focus, pls help me,

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jennifer crawford

I am suffering from a gene mutation that keeps my body from properly absorbing vitamin B. I have been subscribed dePlin . Which helps with neurotransmitters. It helps tremendously, however I would much rather heal my body naturally. I just need guidance.

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Diana Cruz

Please contact me 915 4335110

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Reba White

I am trying to find the right neurotransmitter balance. Hi do I reach you?

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Good day

I sruggle with dystonia a neurological movement disorder causing severe muscle contactions making walking and speaking very diffucult.

Please help


Eckner Eckelmann from South Africa

Aug 23, 2021 Arrow1 Down Reply

@Michael Dronet: Hi michael, R you suffering from chemical imbalance problem. I too had that problem. But now I recovered from the problem.

Oct 01, 2021 Arrow1 Down Reply

Chemical missing in my brain can you please help thank you so much

Oct 14, 2021 Arrow1 Down Reply

Hello doctors, I started experiencing head paresthesia (heavy head sensations 24 hours a day), and no blood flow to my extremities. I literally don't have blood flowing to my body. This was about 18 months ago.... I have been clean and sober from all substances for last 3 years.

I was diagnosed with severe synaptic syndrome and adrenal fatigue. I was told I literally have depleted all of the neurotransmitters in my body. Heavy ecstasy, alcohol, benzo usage for 12 years, and was a long distance runner running half marathons during (I'm an anomaly). Doctor said I have about12 to 18 months for me to get it corrected, but his prescriptions don't seem to be helping me much. Figured you might be able to give me some guidance.

Thanks. Much love.

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Atifa Ishaq

Helllo Dr’s, my name is Atifa. I’m suffers from anxiety and bipolar disorder. Last January I had phycosis after leaving lexapro for few weeks. Since then I’m taking antipsychotics. For past 4moths I’m suffering from extreme anxiety and panic attacks. I have started taking Prozac and Ativan to control it. Panic attacks have subsided but anxiety and fear is still there. Doctors are saying it is ocd. As I’m also suffering from intrusive thoughts and low self esteem. I’m very desperately in need of help. I would really appreciate your response. Many thanks.

Aug 02, 2022 Arrow1 Down Reply

@Ubong: can u plz respond to me,my email is [email protected] how is your condition right now. I am also having same problem as you I can't understand the word and remember anything properly. Can u plz guide me what you did to recover from this mental illnness or are you still suffering from it can u plz send me email at [email protected] . I want to join university and this mental thing is getting in my way so if you can plz email me

Thank you

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Konstantin Krogh

Hello, I mixed ayahuasca and mdma which caused me psychosis. I read they are especially dangerous to combine as they can cause serotonin syndrome. I am now diagnosed with schizophrenia, but I think the imbalance or sensitivity to neurotransmitters has caused my disease. Are there any way to restore balance or heal my brain? Thanks

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Konstantin Krogh

Hello, I mixed ayahuasca and mdma which caused me psychosis. I read they are especially dangerous to combine as they can cause serotonin syndrome. I am now diagnosed with schizophrenia, but I think the imbalance or sensitivity to neurotransmitters has caused my disease. Are there any way to restore balance or heal my brain? Thanks

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Edward G Stack

Hi I have been diagnosed with ocd and anxiety I am 62 and male Was put on clonazepam and perphenizine These two destroyed Nero function and altered cns Got off perphenazine but clonazepam still be taken Currently having pressure buildup and heavy thickish soft tissue feel and water buildup in throat and head Mri showed nothing fluid flow is normal Clonazepam just congeals the brain Went through de realization and de personalizing On clonazepam for 38 years tried everything even TMS can you help restore texture of brain to feel solid vs soggy and increased neuro functionality Abstractness is overwhelming Thanks

Apr 21, 2023 Arrow1 Down Reply
Ihezie Michelle

Good day doctor, what amino acid supplement should I introduce to my daughter who has severe muscle spasm (jerking of all the body and extremities) to balance her neurotransmitter levels?
Her MRI result shows cerebral atrophy

May 09, 2023 Arrow1 Down Reply

I am suffering reoccurring bouts of severe depression and wonder if amino acids would help correct. I have multiple TBI’s from auto accident.

May 09, 2023 Arrow1 Down Reply

I am suffering reoccurring bouts of severe depression and wonder if amino acids would help correct. I have multiple TBI’s from auto accident.

May 09, 2023 Arrow1 Down Reply
Bruce Newell

I smoked pot from ages 14-20 and quit because of the horrible things it did to me but I still suffer from burn out low energy, anxiety, depression, I'm 63 years old now and take sam-e around 1000 mg per day that helps can I ad anything else?

May 15, 2023 Arrow1 Down Reply

Img i feel the same way please let me know if u got better:

Jun 01, 2023 Arrow1 Down Reply
Jackie Thompson

Are there any foods or supplements to rebalance neurotransmitters for tics

Jun 01, 2023 Arrow1 Down Reply
Jackie Thompson

Are there any foods or supplements to rebalance neurotransmitters for tics

Jun 09, 2023 Arrow1 Down Reply
Sherry Campbell

Hi,I have been diagnosed with MS and quit taking doctor recommended meds as they weren’t really helping.I an wondering if you have info regarding amino acids effects on MS.I

Jun 28, 2023 Arrow1 Down Reply
Jake Dom

I’ve just had my urinary neurotransmitter panel test done with a few imbalances recorded. I’m in need of a amino acid therapy protocol so I can start my journey to recovery.

Jul 14, 2023 Arrow1 Down Reply
Mike Rizzo

I had a spit test done by my naturopathic doctor. And I’m struggling with insomnia and have the MTFHR gene mutation.
Please help.

Aug 22, 2023 Arrow1 Down Reply

@norma:have you ever tried methyl l folate? Try low dose of folates.

Aug 31, 2023 Arrow1 Down Reply
Shraddha Friend

I don't understand how to obtain the correct amino acids for neurotransmitter balance. This is just an article and a lot of people asking questions with no answers?

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