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Thaddeus Jacobs really helped me big time. Years ago I developed asthma, out of the blue. I run out of air often, coughed a lot and had a whistling sound when I breathed. Spent a significant amount of money in a couple of local traditional clinics, that I am not going to name, but the best they could do was give me one of those asthma pumps. They kind of stopped my attacks for a little while. The doctors at these traditional clinics, never followed up nor investigated anything further, just p[rescribed and cashed my money, scary coldness. I felt pretty disappointed to see how much of a business persons the 2 doctors I visited were, and how little love for their profession they had. This lasted for some long months until I got sick of using the pump and went to visit dr Thaddeus Jacobs, and what a difference. I had a real human being interested in finding the reason of my sickness. He checked my tongue, nails, nose ears, he figured it was food allergy and gave me an elimination diet. I found out I am allergic to gluten and by following the diet I got rid off any asthma attack in the past 4 years. Thanks doctor!!!